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Transparent Surfaces in Turku (Manilla theatre) 19.-20.4.2024

Contemporary circus performance Transparent Surfaces

If everything around us collapsed, what would be left of us? Transparent Surfaces is a breathtaking contemporary circus journey in a post-apocalyptic landscape. Acrobatic encounters between the performers and scrap metal create unprecedented and strange circus art, accompanied by the mysterious sound of a guzheng, a Chinese string instrument.

Transparent Surfaces is a farewell ritual to consumer culture and ownership-oriented worldviews. Four artists and piles of scrap metal come together and are fastened to each other, blurring the boundaries between them. During the performance, experimental circus technique brings the scrap metal to life, builds an altar out of it and bids farewell to it. The lack of conventional circus equipment produces unusual movement and grotesque aesthetics. Barbora Xu’s guzheng music and vocals travel alongside the circus leading the audience and the performers through the stages of the ritual.

Duration: 75 min
Age recommendation: 10+
No spoken language


Performing times, tickets and location

Fri 19.4. 16.00     Transparent Surfaces     TICKETS

Fri 19.4. 19.00     Transparent Surfaces     TICKETS

Sat 20.4. 16.00    Transparent Surfaces     TICKETS

Tickets 20/15 € +handling fees
Tickets at the door one hour before 22/17 €
+ pay-what-you-can tickets at the door


Manilla theatre (Aurinkobaletti)

Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu 64, Turku

Arrival instructions here


Creative ensemble and supporters

Director: Tuomas Vuorinen
Circus performers: Ira Oinonen (replacing Aino Savolainen), Jere Virta, Tuomas Vuorinen
Musician: Barbora Xu
Light designer: Kauri Klemelä
Sound designer: Petteri Rajanti
Outside eyes: Inga Björn, Saana Peura

Support for creation: Arts Promotion Center Finland, City of Helsinki, Kone Foundation , Cirko - Center for New Circus, Cultural Centre Caisa, Finnish Cultural Foundation Uusimaa Regional Fund, Arts Promotion Center Finland Arts Council of Uusimaa

Transparent Surfaces performances are supported by Alfred Kordelin Foundation

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